Clifton End: Solo Artist

clifton endOn feb 23 Clifton End posted on his facebook page:

“6 years ago I joined the Cache family after working as a singer in Curacao, Spain and England.
The Cache family has given me the oportunity to experience a whole new generation in Antillean music and share my music passion with them.

I grew up in a group that profiled on a high level in Europe and the Antilles.

As each singer has the ambition to keep growing and expanding their experience and quality. The time has come for me, Clifton End, to continue my musical developement as a solo artist.

I will continue to be a member of the Cache family and will alway be there for  them.

I want to thank Cache for taking me in as a family, also the many different singers and musicians which I had the priveledge to work with, but specially  my fans for always supporting me. I also want to thank my family for always supportingme in all my dreams and musical ambitions.

Holland, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaireand the rest of the world. Soon You will see and hear more of Clifton End.

One Love…. Cliff”

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